Friday, January 29, 2010

Princess on and off the ice

Thursday night we attended Walt Disney's Princesses on Ice. My good friend Jodi works with brain injured survivors. Moe, a 65 year old women that was institutionalised and abused after her brain injury is lucky to have my friend Jodi now as her caregiver. Jodi is a special person that takes care of her and several others. As a part of there program she receives special gifts from merchants for these special people to have a better quality of life. Jodi asked if Brisla and i wanted to attend " Princesses on Ice"at the Verizon in Manchvegas with several brain injured young adults. Having a brother with Autism and growing up around handicapped people I was enthused to share the night with the people that need cheering up the most. Brisla and her little friend Sarah were so well behaved and helped out and listened to us as things were a little chaotic with wheel chairs, mentally challenged people, and a large group of strangers. I was enjoying the show when several times I looked over at Moe and realised she was more intrigued with the happiness Brisla and Sarah where expressing. Moe smiled as she watched the girls enjoy the show. I wondered what she was thinking. As i looked around the several wheel chairs of people Jodi told me there sad stories. One women when she was in her 30's was in a car accident. She was happily married with a daughter at the time. After her accident her husband divorced her and she very rarely sees her daughter. She wears a helmet and doesn't know where she is most of the time. But her smile warmed my soul as she also stared at the girls and she was also smiling. The other women sitting beside her was institutionalised after her brain injury and at the hospital she had all her teeth pulled with no meds because she was biting. Unfortunately she was also rapped by staff, this might have been why she was biting. Moe's parents, put her in a institution because they said at a young age she was permissicous and they couldn't handled her. Back then they experimented in shock therapy and she no longer can speak and was also abused physically and mentally in hospital. Now my friend Jodi and her parents are her primary caregivers. It made me really appreciate my girls and wish those who where so caught up in life's "what about me" syndrome would step out of the box and appreciate everything around us. We are the princesses that get to enjoy every little thing. So stop the Bitching People and be thankful. I'm glad my Little girl is exposed to such array of life's situations. She said to me today, I had so much fun with everyone, do u think the people enjoyed it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

This little Piggy

My husband and I experienced the most unique set of services I have ever received. I have traveled a lot in the past, every palace I have been to I have
tried to incorporate a massage or pedicure into my itinerary. Comparing services and trying to pull different techniques into my own business.

Upon arrival of this very small sanctuary, we received tea and a friendly welcome. It felt very earthy and very relaxing with the Zen music playing in the background. A young man lead us to our chairs down below the main level to a dark brick basement with a waterfall and comfy sofa chairs. I was intrigued because from looking at the place it wasn't anything special just a relaxing, soothing, inspired environment. I thought "Why Hadn't I seized this Idea in all of my Years in the Spa Industry!"

No Polish, No cuticle triming, No ex foliation of dry skin or calluses! Just a soak, rub and tea. Don't get me wrong, it was very peaceful and worth every penny. Yikes was it expensive. But all and all I have my brain now going a mile a minute in the road to a new endavour. Stay Tuned..........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Little Red Card Journal

Product Image
I gave this little red card journal to my husband for Christmas. A client told me about this special journal to write back and forth to each other in. We always have good intentions of keeping our cards, but some get misplaced, lost, or played with by dogs and chewed to pieces. I love the thought of writing little notes to each other on special occasions, or even not so special occasions and having something we can both cherish and pass on to our children. They will be able to share it with there families and so forth. Happy 2010 everyone....