Wednesday, July 29, 2009


sand warms my toes, as I see the image of you in the waves
white crests break upon the shore, i can hear you call my name.
a faint smell of the salt air reminds me of your presence.
I know im not alone as I let the sand fall through my hands.
It reminds me how time can slip away.
I Embrace the sun on my skin. with the warmth of a new day.
Believe in yourself I've been told, and reminded,
as I watch the waves sway.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Chicken Chatter Farm was not the same when our beloved four legged friend and companion Butchie of many years passed away. We all have lost a piece of ourselves and miss our little buddy. In researching for another pug thinking we would get another next year, I came across a breeder who had pugs soon to be available. They were born on July 1st.
This means that they would be available at the end of August. My husband and I discussed it and after seeing me cry every night before bed we thought it was a great time to adopt this black Little pug.
We surprised Brisla and took her on adventure to see the pug. We didn't tell her what we where doing so as you can imagine when she saw the little girl her eyes got wide and she exclaimed with joy " a little scrappy". Then "can we take her home", I told her she needed to stay with her mom till she was big and strong and then she could come live with us.
We would love some input on names. We are tossing around, Ink(as in tattoo), dot, bailey, shaniquia, and princess. If you have any thougts please comment on a name. She is the smallest in the litter. Her mom was 14lbs and dad was 20lbs.
She will be coming home Aug 26th.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shit Happens

This is my brothers family's Pug. I thought it was appropriate since I can honestly say Shit Happens. This has been a year to remember for the Markley household. We have had many challenging moments. Ones in which I do not wish to ever experience again. Ive always been a person who tries to look at the glass as half full but I wonder why God has tested me so much in my life especially in this past year. I'm telling her right now, God enough.
The best thing this past year was the birth of our daughter, Adalyn. She is now one and on the brink to get her little butt movin and shaking as she walks more and more everyday. We are currently experiencing her first ear infection. While mom is experiencing her third kidney stone. Yes it passed but man what a painful experience. Now Ive moved on to a cracked tooth which Ive been putting off getting fixed because it will need a crown. This requires a butt numbing 3 hours in the dentist chair for the sum of $1200.00. That price would buy me the new tires and brakes I need for my car......
Shit happens, when your "special dog" Skrappy gets hit by a car and passes away. Shit happens, when u move into a house and it ends up binging the money pit because your oil bills are over $400.00 a month. Shit happens, when your daughter needs glasses and you feel like a bad parent because you where unaware of how bad her vision was and wondering how the hell she saw anything when you look through her glasses. Shit happens, when you chicken gets mauled by your new dog. The dog thinks its a toy for her! Shit happens when you love to be outside and are excited to make the yard a sanctuary and get poison ivy in EVERY place imaginable and end up on 3 rounds of antibiotics.
Shit happens when your other dog passes from a horrible accident and your husband is away and not able to give you his shoulder to cry on. Shit happens when this winter your entire household comes down with the flu and you are stuck up all night with a 3 year old projectile vomiting on you and your bed. Shit happens when you move for the 2nd time in 6 months and now you cant find shit.
That's all folks. We need a prayer for the Markley's at Chicken Chatter Farm. This is just a piece of all the pile of shit we have experienced his past year. And trust me with all the shit here at chicken Chatter Farm, Please wear shoes when visiting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Little Man

This is Butchie.
Born September 2000 to July 2009.

I want to celebrate this little guys life, remember all the wonderful things about him that made him special and make peace with my own thoughts about his death. Butchie was given to me as a companion to for fill a rough spot I was going through in my life. Butchie filled in a void that I had been missing for a long-time. I looked at his little face and whenever I came home he would greet me with a tilted head and a happy heart. I loved waking up to his body curled up beside me. During our recent outage this winter, I brought him back to the house, with no power he cuddled up with me and two down comforters. It brought me back to when it was just the two of us and I slept like a baby. He was my furnace that night and he didn't even realize his how giving he was.
When Brisla was born he would often sneak into her room to crissin her crib as to name his property. I often found him asleep in her papazon chair or under her bassinet. This little man gave love and expected just a rub on the head and to be told he was a good boy. He loved the beach and felt rejuvinated running along the sand. He made me laugh because he hated seagulls and made it know by barking and chasing them. If you asked Butchie "wheres the seagull" he would bark.
We all loved this careing little dog and he will never be forgotten. Thanks for all the cards and calls. He is up in heaven with scrappy running around on the big beach chasing the seagulls and loving beining reunited.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Brisla Had a busy day at school.On the way home after a juice box she exclaimed" Mommy, Adalyn is sleeping." After that I looked back in my rear view mirror to catch B taking some well needed z's too.

This was Adalyn passed out with Tinker drooling on her. Whats a few wet spots on the leg when u where a diaper all day. Actually I think Tink was going for the leftovers in the carseat. God knows how long scraps have been there or what is there. Adalyn is pooped. The girls.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scooter Turns One

Just yesterday I can recall telling my husband to relax. That I wasn't in labor. I just wanted to sleep in my bed one last night before going to the hospital. Guess I was so relaxed by our hynobirthing, I thank my hubby for wanting to time the contractions and not listen to the hormonal prego. It was a wonderful experience that im grateful her sister (Brisla) and Mimi witnessed. We talk about this experience often to Brisla.
We are thankful this little one has entered our life. Every day I grow more and more attatched to her as Adalyns personality begins to blossom.
Happy Birthday Scooter