Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minx by demand

Minx my latest product comes from a company that is into saving the environment. "Go Green" Minx is concerned with the toxins other brands put into there artificial nails. I too have often wondered about these so called "safe" artificial nails and there effects not only to the environment but to our bodies. I have worked with someone in the past who suffered from a couple of miscarriages and wondering if the circumstances of her doing several sets of artificial nails each day was a result of the chemicals we handled.
At my first attempt at using Minx I was excited and enthused about it. I ripped into the package like it was Christmas. The girls stood by with the look of aww and couldn't wait to see my new purchase. For the $400 dollar new miracle nail product, it better be worth the anticipation. Heads will roll.... I unpack the new light "Nail Cooker" and notice the lamp says not to use with any wattage over 100. This throws me for a loop when I see the bulb they sent is 175. Do I use it. Calling the company they assure me its safe. Im not feeling it. So a trip to the Ace Hardware in Kittery I go. (My new hang out because I like to support my local stores, and the hospitality there isn't to bad either,girls;) Ive decided to purchase a 125 heat lamp instead. Today was my first practice session on my great friend and ginney pig Bette our estitician. Bette is also a medical assistant at the Lahey clinic in Mass for colonoscopies. Which she works there on Wednesdays. I figure if they can withstand her shitty job they can withstand anything! Updates to come.......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Dads dont dress little girls

In a hectic morning its always nice to get an extra hand or two. This morning Gabe asked what he could do to help me get the girls off to day care. As I walked upstairs to brush my teeth I replied "there clothes are on the sofa if you would can you dress them after they eat there breakfast." For those of you that don't know you always send an extra set of clothes with the infant to day care or anywhere, you never know when you are going to need it. I can hear a little commotion going on and then I hear Gabe exclaim "Brisla's shorts are a little tight." As I proceed downstairs to check this out, I'm thinking I didn't layout shorts for Brisla. Turns out Adalyns extra pair of Jeans ended up on Brisla. I was in tears with laughter looking at this poor girl in skin tight wanna be shorts and a wedgie. Her sista Adalyn just starring at her as if saying "I thought we had a few more years before we had to share clothes."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old School

Mr. Markley graduated and now has his economics degree. Yippe! He didn't even have to get naked and run down the street. LOL I myself had a hard time getting into school and studying. I commend anyone with the determination and drive to obtain this goal in life. This is such a wonderful accomplishment. I however, do not believe this concept (college) is for everyone. I believe there are people that are book smart and then there are those that are life smart. I'm the later. I think life is a struggle with many difficult roads we must choose. Depending on which road is where our paths lead us and our destinies are created. I believe we are all products of our environments and are blessed with our own abilities to strive to be who we are. I choose to try Beauty school and wanted to get out and start running in life and make money. I am a hard worker, so at a early age I decided to concur my eagerness and get going in the adult world of debt. I wanted a house. A nice car and most of all independence. What did this teach me. I built a successful business (when the economy was good)on my own, bought my first town house at 23, and jumped from a Mercedes to Lexus to BMW in a few years. Got married, bought Harley's and lived the good life. I traveled all over the world. I got to appreciate all different types of cultures that I encountered. I believe, that it is most important to see the world and embrace and learn other cultures. This is the greatest form of learning to expand your boundaries and see life. I'm thankful.
I guess I'm a hands on kinda girl. Married to a college grad I'm so amazed at his perseverance and determination to accomplish such a feat. Both our lives have changed. Mine due to the economic down slide of our economy. Which has put me on a budget.(OMG) Gabe's in having a great job and making the most out of his career. Our tables have turned but it has embraced both of us and set us on the strongest ride life has to give. We are both holding on to each other and loving every minute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Rock On

Today was the most beautiful mothers day. My husband made Mimi(his mom) Grammy B (my mom) and the girls french toast with strawberries! Can anyone say yummy in the tummy. Well not the crib midget, yet, but she really did enjoy it. To top this all off I received the "mother load"of all presents. Yes, I received a pink tool set. I'm already dreaming of the things I can build and fix. Oh the possibilities.
After the fabulous breakfast (maybe I'll get another one soon if i keep up the compliments and he reads this) the girls headed out to collect our free flowers at Salmon falls Greenery. This place is breath taking and you can hear the falls from the grounds of the nursery. Mimi bought me two fabulous plants to plant in my gardens. Much appreciated as I need more color in them. Gabe stayed home to finish the on going chicken coop complex. We are almost done and I must say I would live in the ranch. Pics will be posted soon with a complete step by step display of everything we've put into the friggin "Chicken Chatter Farm."
God Love Gabe for knowing me and putting the time in to make it predator proof. Hopefully Tink proof too. That's our ever growing Italian Bulmastif puppy that thinks hes a lap dog and is predicted to weigh around a 100 pounds of muscle.
Pics of her will be posted as well. I'm awaiting the cord to my camera that got misplaced (lost) during our move.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The smell of skunk is lingering in the air, and I can only think of my own recent dealings with the law. Yes, it stinks. Im not making lite of my recent run in. No pun intended since it was an awful run in and run out of a grocery store to pick up a few things. Ms. OCD (me) gets caught with a screaming teething baby and forgetting to ring the items on the bottom of my carriage. Embarrassing is the least thing I can say about this horrible incident. In light it has made me appreciate my husband more as he has been very supportive of his law breaking wife.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyone Does it!

Here I am people, off for the first time and on a misson. Well of course I have a mission. My husband has been after me for sometime to write a book about the unique adventures my life has endured. The paths are so unbilevible they have to be written down, so why not start here. And of course Im planning on throwing in a good nail remedy or new product info here and there. Like my latest purchase of "Minx" nails. I should be recieving it any day now. They are a go green company that supllies us with a new technology in nail wear. The product is suppose to last 2 weeks and not hurt the nail bed with any toxiens. I will keep u updated on my findings. Anxiously awaiting arrival. Imagine having a manicure last two weeks. Yikes, my gardeners would love me. I would love me. So clients get ready and come try it out.