Monday, November 23, 2009

Putting your best foot forward

Check out my new Chuck's. They're sparkly leopard print and I love them. The girls are fascinated by all the glitter. I love to be unique and not follow the pack or copy other people's fashion sense. We all have our own hang-ups, mine are shoes. At one point in my life I had well over 250 pair. I've scaled this number way down now that I have kids and don't have the room to store them. Shoes are my "feetish" because no matter how much weight you loose or gain they always stay the same. Unless you get pregneant. Then watch out you, tend to go up a half a size. Yikes. I had to give away a lot of shoes during this time in my life and went threw withdrawls. But im slowly adding to my collection once again. I will always be a shoe freak and I will always put my best foot forward.lol

Sunday, November 22, 2009

U Get What U Pay For

To All My Wonderful Clients....
Just a message from your nail tech extraordinare. I would like to pass the word on about some unmentionable salons that are putting acrylic and other chemicals into there polish to make it last longer. Unfortunately what they are doing is not only poor business practice but also effecting your nails. This will decrease the nail bed from being able to breath. Which said will tell your body to produce less protein for your nails in thus will cause breakage and peeling. This could also damage your nail bed permently. Having fixed a clients nails recently, who couldnt get an appointment with me and went to one of these chain "Nail" salons. I was upset to see the condition of her nails after taking 10 minutes to remove the product. Usually a 2 minute process. She has more hangnails and nail damage then ever and has booked out several appointments with me. One other client mentioned, while in Boston she had decided to get her pedicure done on a spare of the moment and saw them putting acrylic nail glue into her polish. YIKES....
Lesson Learned...U Pay For What You Get......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paying the Bill

Hi, Midnight here. I just turned one. In fact I celebrated My birthday with Brisla. I'm THE CAT here at Chicken Chatter farm. Well actually there is another but Sckreech stays in, he's older then dirt and doesn't like to play with me. Hes grumpy. I was an indoor cat till we reached this awesome house in the woods. Now my beautiful mom lets me outside. I love to chase the dogs. One of them gets distracted by me and always tries to catch me. I know where her boundaries are and she often forgets (not the fastest mouse in the shed) and gets zapped. I often stop turn around and laugh at Tinkerbell. The other Fiona is, well Im wondering if it actually is a dog. Im bigger then her. Shes annoying because she always wants to mount me. I think shes gay. on another note, Ive been paying my rent by catching all the mice, squirles and chipmunks in the hood. Dad loves it. Hes proud of me because I even eat the bodies and just leave the head and tail so less of a mess to clean for him. Ive been tempted to eat those dam chickens but i know mom would shot me. So I just chase them around the yard sometimes. Keeps them on there toes. I love my mom. She loves to rub my head at night and i protect her by sleeping at the end of the bed. But boy Dads feet make me want to puke!

Crafters on Chicken Chatter Farm

These Markley girls are serious crafters. Here we are making a miniature Barn because as everyone knows Brisla love Horses and all animals as much as her mom.
Of course her little sis has to get her fingers dirty to. Mimi is also getting a little dirty weather she likes it or not. So much fun on Chicken Chatter Farm.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One Egg, Two Egg. No EGGS

These girls are slacking. We have dwindled in egg production on Chicken Chatter Farm. Today, we received none. What is going on. People have told me this would happen. I thought these chickens with the best coup on the block would love there condo and thermal pain windows with there high efficiency roost, this would keep them on the production line. I gave a little talking to them tonight. I picked up Madonna and told her being the one chicken in charge, she needs to step up to the coup and get the girls back in business. The family's counting on them. That the disappointment on Brisla's face was priceless when there was no eggs to put in her basket today. Well all and all Thanksgiving is coming.....Just kidding. I love those girls.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Work and No Play

Hi- Im Adalyn
I've been working hard on a new walkway to our front door. There wasn't one. This is the rough version until next spring. I love playing in the dirt.(and eating it) My other helper, Tinkerbell is in the background and sleeping. Its hard to find good help these days! Im hoping I have enough red bricks to make it to the side entrance. Its been a lot of pick axing and racking. I cant wait till next year when we poor sand down to even it and get a little creative with the design.For now it's fun and a great work out. Plus spending time outdoors on a beautiful day with my mom is priceless.