Sunday, November 22, 2009

U Get What U Pay For

To All My Wonderful Clients....
Just a message from your nail tech extraordinare. I would like to pass the word on about some unmentionable salons that are putting acrylic and other chemicals into there polish to make it last longer. Unfortunately what they are doing is not only poor business practice but also effecting your nails. This will decrease the nail bed from being able to breath. Which said will tell your body to produce less protein for your nails in thus will cause breakage and peeling. This could also damage your nail bed permently. Having fixed a clients nails recently, who couldnt get an appointment with me and went to one of these chain "Nail" salons. I was upset to see the condition of her nails after taking 10 minutes to remove the product. Usually a 2 minute process. She has more hangnails and nail damage then ever and has booked out several appointments with me. One other client mentioned, while in Boston she had decided to get her pedicure done on a spare of the moment and saw them putting acrylic nail glue into her polish. YIKES....
Lesson Learned...U Pay For What You Get......

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  1. You should advertise as using natural products. I never knew!