Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paying the Bill

Hi, Midnight here. I just turned one. In fact I celebrated My birthday with Brisla. I'm THE CAT here at Chicken Chatter farm. Well actually there is another but Sckreech stays in, he's older then dirt and doesn't like to play with me. Hes grumpy. I was an indoor cat till we reached this awesome house in the woods. Now my beautiful mom lets me outside. I love to chase the dogs. One of them gets distracted by me and always tries to catch me. I know where her boundaries are and she often forgets (not the fastest mouse in the shed) and gets zapped. I often stop turn around and laugh at Tinkerbell. The other Fiona is, well Im wondering if it actually is a dog. Im bigger then her. Shes annoying because she always wants to mount me. I think shes gay. on another note, Ive been paying my rent by catching all the mice, squirles and chipmunks in the hood. Dad loves it. Hes proud of me because I even eat the bodies and just leave the head and tail so less of a mess to clean for him. Ive been tempted to eat those dam chickens but i know mom would shot me. So I just chase them around the yard sometimes. Keeps them on there toes. I love my mom. She loves to rub my head at night and i protect her by sleeping at the end of the bed. But boy Dads feet make me want to puke!

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