Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

We made it 2 years!! They say the first couple of years is the hardest. I believe it. Throw in an instant family, a new career path for my hubby, an economic down-slide in my business, changing houses (twice) and a baby on the way, I think we've concured and won whatever obstacle has fallen in our paths. Gabe and I are celebrating our lives, our trials and our commitment. We also wanted to thank all of our families for there support. Truly we believe we are blessed to be so lucky with our healthy children and unique family blend. It all works. Im looking forward to many more years of traditions, watching our children grow up in the house that Gabe grew up in, and making this house ours. I love this picture due to the fact i told Gabe i would feed him his cake nicely. Yeah right. He shouldve know better........

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Naughty or Nice

The Elf on the Shelf book was recommended by a long time client. I must say its a little pricey but worth it in the means of bribery and getting a little help around the ranch. After reading the story a few times, Brisla has realised every action of helpfulness is appreciated. The elf travels to the North Pole every night to inform Santa if you have been naughty or nice for that day. In our house we have modified this little story. If you have been helpful and nice the elf leaves a little gift in your advent calendar. We found out last night someone awoke on the wrong side of the bed, (not Brisla) because there was no prize in our calendar. I'm excited to have this new tradition in our family and cant wait till next year when Adalyn can take part in the festivities. I have a feeling it will be a challenge for the mischievous one. I will love to see this in action.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Elfs Work is Never Done

Here we are approaching the most important Holiday event of a child's life, Christmas. Of course besides there birthday.Ive always loved X-Mas. The image of Santa flying to all those houses with a big red sack always intrigued me as a child. I also was amused that it was alright for Santa to be fat, jolly and happy. Wasn't he worried about his cholesterol! Thus because I was always watching what I ate for my next modeling gig. Yes, I was a child model. Maybe that explains the constant urge to eat sweets and be happy with whats inside. Back to the subject at hand. I'm an Elf. I would rather give then receive. I like to spread cheer and try to be thoughtful to those who are around me. It gives me a sense of who i am. A helper. I believe I received this trait from my father. He would give u the shirt of his back if u needed it. This year they had a giving tree at daycare in which of choosing one gift to give i choose two. Instruments for Adalyns classroom, and Flash Cards for Brisla's room. I also stopped by the N.H.S.P.C.A and gave them a bag of dog food, kitty litter and cat food. With two weeks left and all my shopping done I'm patiently awaiting Christmas and hoping I can make all my people happy. Merry Christmas, Peace out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brining Forth Old Traditions

This is an advent calender. My mother in law "Mimi" revised my husbands after many years of being kept in storage. I loved the fact that this was his when he was little and now our little girls can use this for our future holiday traditions. Our girls will get much, much use out of it. I love it every morning, when Brisla wants to open the door to see what prizes the Elf has left. We recently bought a book called The Elf On The Shelf. Our Elf is named Zart. He repots to Santa every night weather you have been naughty or nice then leaves something behind the door from Santa, himself. It puts a smile on my face and I cant wait till next year when they both can appreciate this old tradition. Thanks Mimi, You Rock.

Breast Augmentation

Today, I experienced the most uncomfortable boob squishing mechanism. During the process I thought to myself, "A man must have developed this torture contraption." Nancy was the nurse that assisted me, as the tech prepared the machine. Nancy asked about my life and if I enjoyed being a mom. I told her it was the toughest, most unselfish, giving job I have ever had. Not only was I the mom, chief, laundry person, grocery shopper, bed changer, late night kid soother, and pet person, I loved my family. It is rewarding and I loved my job. Kind of like a nurse, she exclaimed. They spend all there time making people better and in the end there payment is to see there patients healthy. Then they go home to take care of there family's. As I sat for ten minutes to wait for my results, I envisioned the time when i took my mother down to Brigham and Women's Hospital of Boston for her breast surgery. I thought Im too young to go threw that. It aged my mother by 20 years. I see her today and cant believe im looking at the same person that was so healthy 4 years ago. Nancy came out and said "Bethany, you are fine." My tests came back clear but since Breast cancer is in my family, amongst other cancer I must have this done more frequently then the average person. I felt old at 37.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Putting your best foot forward

Check out my new Chuck's. They're sparkly leopard print and I love them. The girls are fascinated by all the glitter. I love to be unique and not follow the pack or copy other people's fashion sense. We all have our own hang-ups, mine are shoes. At one point in my life I had well over 250 pair. I've scaled this number way down now that I have kids and don't have the room to store them. Shoes are my "feetish" because no matter how much weight you loose or gain they always stay the same. Unless you get pregneant. Then watch out you, tend to go up a half a size. Yikes. I had to give away a lot of shoes during this time in my life and went threw withdrawls. But im slowly adding to my collection once again. I will always be a shoe freak and I will always put my best foot forward.lol

Sunday, November 22, 2009

U Get What U Pay For

To All My Wonderful Clients....
Just a message from your nail tech extraordinare. I would like to pass the word on about some unmentionable salons that are putting acrylic and other chemicals into there polish to make it last longer. Unfortunately what they are doing is not only poor business practice but also effecting your nails. This will decrease the nail bed from being able to breath. Which said will tell your body to produce less protein for your nails in thus will cause breakage and peeling. This could also damage your nail bed permently. Having fixed a clients nails recently, who couldnt get an appointment with me and went to one of these chain "Nail" salons. I was upset to see the condition of her nails after taking 10 minutes to remove the product. Usually a 2 minute process. She has more hangnails and nail damage then ever and has booked out several appointments with me. One other client mentioned, while in Boston she had decided to get her pedicure done on a spare of the moment and saw them putting acrylic nail glue into her polish. YIKES....
Lesson Learned...U Pay For What You Get......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paying the Bill

Hi, Midnight here. I just turned one. In fact I celebrated My birthday with Brisla. I'm THE CAT here at Chicken Chatter farm. Well actually there is another but Sckreech stays in, he's older then dirt and doesn't like to play with me. Hes grumpy. I was an indoor cat till we reached this awesome house in the woods. Now my beautiful mom lets me outside. I love to chase the dogs. One of them gets distracted by me and always tries to catch me. I know where her boundaries are and she often forgets (not the fastest mouse in the shed) and gets zapped. I often stop turn around and laugh at Tinkerbell. The other Fiona is, well Im wondering if it actually is a dog. Im bigger then her. Shes annoying because she always wants to mount me. I think shes gay. on another note, Ive been paying my rent by catching all the mice, squirles and chipmunks in the hood. Dad loves it. Hes proud of me because I even eat the bodies and just leave the head and tail so less of a mess to clean for him. Ive been tempted to eat those dam chickens but i know mom would shot me. So I just chase them around the yard sometimes. Keeps them on there toes. I love my mom. She loves to rub my head at night and i protect her by sleeping at the end of the bed. But boy Dads feet make me want to puke!

Crafters on Chicken Chatter Farm

These Markley girls are serious crafters. Here we are making a miniature Barn because as everyone knows Brisla love Horses and all animals as much as her mom.
Of course her little sis has to get her fingers dirty to. Mimi is also getting a little dirty weather she likes it or not. So much fun on Chicken Chatter Farm.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One Egg, Two Egg. No EGGS

These girls are slacking. We have dwindled in egg production on Chicken Chatter Farm. Today, we received none. What is going on. People have told me this would happen. I thought these chickens with the best coup on the block would love there condo and thermal pain windows with there high efficiency roost, this would keep them on the production line. I gave a little talking to them tonight. I picked up Madonna and told her being the one chicken in charge, she needs to step up to the coup and get the girls back in business. The family's counting on them. That the disappointment on Brisla's face was priceless when there was no eggs to put in her basket today. Well all and all Thanksgiving is coming.....Just kidding. I love those girls.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Work and No Play

Hi- Im Adalyn
I've been working hard on a new walkway to our front door. There wasn't one. This is the rough version until next spring. I love playing in the dirt.(and eating it) My other helper, Tinkerbell is in the background and sleeping. Its hard to find good help these days! Im hoping I have enough red bricks to make it to the side entrance. Its been a lot of pick axing and racking. I cant wait till next year when we poor sand down to even it and get a little creative with the design.For now it's fun and a great work out. Plus spending time outdoors on a beautiful day with my mom is priceless.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 Years in a flash.....

It was the 17th of October and I cant recall where the hell the last 4 years went to. My daughter Brisla celebrated her 4th birthday this past weekend. While I prepared for the festivities, I took a moment to reflect on the time that has passed me bye;) I can recall every moment of her being born. It seemed like yesterday, when after a week of hospital visits, being in Labor for days, and over nights, Brisla was born. This event has changed my life forever. I cant explain the special feeling, of a child that you gave birth too and have brought into this world. Words can not even express the love you feel for these little people. As I look back, I remember what it was like not having kids, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. Well maybe sometimes. So here is Brisla's Birthday cake. Tinkerbell of course, which my hubby being the creative one decorated it. PBR in one hand icing in the other.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Size Doesnt Matter!

As you can see these friends are a little different in size but neither of them are aware of this. Tinkerbell, our 80 pound bulmastif thinks she is a lap dog. Thus is in part due to when she was a pup I let her cuddle and fall asleep in my lap every night. Tinkerbell's new side kick seems to want to rule the nest. No pun intended. Fiona has chased all the chickens, backed both cats into corners and tried to bark at Tinkerbell to put her in her place. About the third day Tink let her know who was here first. Our 13 year old cat put Fiona in a corner and a chicken scratched at her. So no matter your size it just goes to show confidence is a must at Chicken Chatter Farm.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I Have Two Daddies"

People have asked me how we do it all living under the same roof. You see, our extended family consists of these two little girls (sisters) and two fathers. "And one special mom" as Brisla states. We are making it work in a world that draws criticism and judgement on things that are not the norm. Who is normal? I still haven't meet them in my 30 something years. I am thankful these two guys make it work for our girls. Teachers at day care have mentioned what a wonderful gift it is to share our environment together. Not only does it help our girls stability and self confidence, economically it helps us out all around for a better life for our family. I often hear we should have a sitcom. Example: Brisla is out with both her fathers at Home depot and says in a innocent voice to the salesman, "these are my two dads." Now u know what he was thinking. In the distant past it was common for extended family's to live together. In most cultures besides ours, Grandparents live with you until they hit the gates of heaven.(or hell) I would welcome any extended family to rest there head at Chicken Chatter Farm.(as long as they cleaned)
We do have some funny moments but for the most part its great having three adults around for two kids........I really dont know how Kate does it with 8.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick as A Dog

These two little girls are what makes life interesting to your everyday routine. Monday night Brisla was rushed to the hospital for a fever of over 103. Her diagnosis was a inner ear infection with a viral infection. I felt so bad for Brisla she was delirious and crying in pain. Today we spent the day watching cartoon network,( after i rescheduled my clients) trying to drink liquids and having grandparents stop by with little things to make mom's life easier. I love my parents. I often remember when i was young and sick the little things they would do to make me feel better. My mom came in hand with jello, watched Ms.B so I could run to the store to fill her prescription. Upon returing she had done all the dishes and was cleaning our kitchen. Then my father showed up with ginger ale in tote (of course) and took our garbage. This is why I appreciate my parents. They just do thoughtful things without me asking. It makes me sad to see them growing old before my eyes. Im happy to see the girls get to enjoy there grandparents and create the memories that mean so much. Brisla is on the mend and laying hugging (head lock position) her kitty midnight. Tomorow will bring another day to the Markley's house.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Way Life Should Be!

This is our beautiful house.
I had found this bicycle behind our shed when we moved in. I primed it with rust proofing spray then painted it with paint left over from our kitchen project. I added the baskets and filled them in with flowers. I also Painted the front door with the color that was left over from our porch. It use to be a natural wood finish with Lots and lots of shellac. I sanded it down, kilt-zed it twice and painted. I also was excited to add the lattice around the front porch because I had to use my husbands jigsaw. Yes, Power tools girls.....I got to use the power tools. Then painted it white to add some color to our "not so colorful" house. I wish we had taken pictures before due to the fact the front of the house was covered in shurbs so high you couldn't see the windows. It reminded me of little red riding hood when she went to the house in the woods.
So as you look at the photo on the right, then look at the photo on the left you must wonder, "what is that thing that is hanging out the window?" Only in Maine would you find a used car radiator hanging out a window. My hubby who is a great engineer thought he could make a make shift AC unit for our house to save us money. He and Rusty hooked up a hose to run cool water through the radiator from the spicket out front. While placing a fan underneath it to blow in the cool air from the radiator.What a smarty pants and who would have thought of this but an IT person. Only in Maine, the way life should be.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


sand warms my toes, as I see the image of you in the waves
white crests break upon the shore, i can hear you call my name.
a faint smell of the salt air reminds me of your presence.
I know im not alone as I let the sand fall through my hands.
It reminds me how time can slip away.
I Embrace the sun on my skin. with the warmth of a new day.
Believe in yourself I've been told, and reminded,
as I watch the waves sway.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Chicken Chatter Farm was not the same when our beloved four legged friend and companion Butchie of many years passed away. We all have lost a piece of ourselves and miss our little buddy. In researching for another pug thinking we would get another next year, I came across a breeder who had pugs soon to be available. They were born on July 1st.
This means that they would be available at the end of August. My husband and I discussed it and after seeing me cry every night before bed we thought it was a great time to adopt this black Little pug.
We surprised Brisla and took her on adventure to see the pug. We didn't tell her what we where doing so as you can imagine when she saw the little girl her eyes got wide and she exclaimed with joy " a little scrappy". Then "can we take her home", I told her she needed to stay with her mom till she was big and strong and then she could come live with us.
We would love some input on names. We are tossing around, Ink(as in tattoo), dot, bailey, shaniquia, and princess. If you have any thougts please comment on a name. She is the smallest in the litter. Her mom was 14lbs and dad was 20lbs.
She will be coming home Aug 26th.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shit Happens

This is my brothers family's Pug. I thought it was appropriate since I can honestly say Shit Happens. This has been a year to remember for the Markley household. We have had many challenging moments. Ones in which I do not wish to ever experience again. Ive always been a person who tries to look at the glass as half full but I wonder why God has tested me so much in my life especially in this past year. I'm telling her right now, God enough.
The best thing this past year was the birth of our daughter, Adalyn. She is now one and on the brink to get her little butt movin and shaking as she walks more and more everyday. We are currently experiencing her first ear infection. While mom is experiencing her third kidney stone. Yes it passed but man what a painful experience. Now Ive moved on to a cracked tooth which Ive been putting off getting fixed because it will need a crown. This requires a butt numbing 3 hours in the dentist chair for the sum of $1200.00. That price would buy me the new tires and brakes I need for my car......
Shit happens, when your "special dog" Skrappy gets hit by a car and passes away. Shit happens, when u move into a house and it ends up binging the money pit because your oil bills are over $400.00 a month. Shit happens, when your daughter needs glasses and you feel like a bad parent because you where unaware of how bad her vision was and wondering how the hell she saw anything when you look through her glasses. Shit happens, when you chicken gets mauled by your new dog. The dog thinks its a toy for her! Shit happens when you love to be outside and are excited to make the yard a sanctuary and get poison ivy in EVERY place imaginable and end up on 3 rounds of antibiotics.
Shit happens when your other dog passes from a horrible accident and your husband is away and not able to give you his shoulder to cry on. Shit happens when this winter your entire household comes down with the flu and you are stuck up all night with a 3 year old projectile vomiting on you and your bed. Shit happens when you move for the 2nd time in 6 months and now you cant find shit.
That's all folks. We need a prayer for the Markley's at Chicken Chatter Farm. This is just a piece of all the pile of shit we have experienced his past year. And trust me with all the shit here at chicken Chatter Farm, Please wear shoes when visiting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Little Man

This is Butchie.
Born September 2000 to July 2009.

I want to celebrate this little guys life, remember all the wonderful things about him that made him special and make peace with my own thoughts about his death. Butchie was given to me as a companion to for fill a rough spot I was going through in my life. Butchie filled in a void that I had been missing for a long-time. I looked at his little face and whenever I came home he would greet me with a tilted head and a happy heart. I loved waking up to his body curled up beside me. During our recent outage this winter, I brought him back to the house, with no power he cuddled up with me and two down comforters. It brought me back to when it was just the two of us and I slept like a baby. He was my furnace that night and he didn't even realize his how giving he was.
When Brisla was born he would often sneak into her room to crissin her crib as to name his property. I often found him asleep in her papazon chair or under her bassinet. This little man gave love and expected just a rub on the head and to be told he was a good boy. He loved the beach and felt rejuvinated running along the sand. He made me laugh because he hated seagulls and made it know by barking and chasing them. If you asked Butchie "wheres the seagull" he would bark.
We all loved this careing little dog and he will never be forgotten. Thanks for all the cards and calls. He is up in heaven with scrappy running around on the big beach chasing the seagulls and loving beining reunited.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Brisla Had a busy day at school.On the way home after a juice box she exclaimed" Mommy, Adalyn is sleeping." After that I looked back in my rear view mirror to catch B taking some well needed z's too.

This was Adalyn passed out with Tinker drooling on her. Whats a few wet spots on the leg when u where a diaper all day. Actually I think Tink was going for the leftovers in the carseat. God knows how long scraps have been there or what is there. Adalyn is pooped. The girls.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scooter Turns One

Just yesterday I can recall telling my husband to relax. That I wasn't in labor. I just wanted to sleep in my bed one last night before going to the hospital. Guess I was so relaxed by our hynobirthing, I thank my hubby for wanting to time the contractions and not listen to the hormonal prego. It was a wonderful experience that im grateful her sister (Brisla) and Mimi witnessed. We talk about this experience often to Brisla.
We are thankful this little one has entered our life. Every day I grow more and more attatched to her as Adalyns personality begins to blossom.
Happy Birthday Scooter

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How lucky we are to have two beautiful, healthy girls.
When I see them together loving on each other I forget everything else that's going on in our crazy world. These two girls, sisters, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, cousins and nieces are very lucky to have such an extended family filled with love. There world is just begining and is unshattered by unopened minds. In our family we choose not to use terms which do not apply, such as step child, we love and except with no boundaries. I wanted to thank all who have accepted and loved our family as unique as it is. Family to me is the most important. Family is the rock for a solid fondation for every childs future. I want these girls to share and experience everything we can provide for them. They are sisters and equals who in the end will have a special bond between them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just when u thought we had it bad

Alright I have mildew coming out of every crack in my body after all this rain. But in looking at this picture of Brisla barring the winter wonderland to get to her swing set I will take the rain any day. The 1/2 hour it spent squeezing her little butt into the outfit and half hour getting it off without ripping her wet skin off was a pain in the butt. And she was only out
there for 10 minutes.
Anyway s, who cares about the hundreds of dollars I have spent on the yard for grass, flowers, bulbs, and mulch. (don't tell my significant other) LOL My plants are dying,(or have washed away) my children are grumpy, my clients are canceling, and this Markley Mama is tired.
So if your listening, oh hire power in the sky, please give us warm sunny weather soon. Hope she is listening....If not Im investing my money in umbrellas and rain boots.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Whos Your Daddy

Fathers Day
We had a great Fathers Day at the Markley house on Pickernelle Lane.
I appreciate those dads that take the time to create a special bond with there
spawn. (as my hubby refers to our children since in they were little hitch hikers in my womb) This lifetime job is not a easy task. Sometimes your just want to strangle the little nuggets, other times you want to cry with the joy they fill you with. There is no other job in the world that can compare to being a parent. Its a 24/7 no stop task. So Im giving a big hug to all those Dads out there.

My father is very special to me. As a little girl we didn't have a close relationship because he supported our family by working a full-time job while also running his own painting company. Hmmm that's why I always have a paint brush in hand. LOL I never saw him, so early in my teens figured out the only way I was going to see him would be to PAINT!! Off I went in the summers with him to various houses in Rye, New Castle, Newburyport, etc. This wasnt my calling. I got stuck with all the monotanious jobs, shutters,windows, and doors. That carrer was short lived. But the time I spent with my dad that summer was priceless.
I commend my father for also over coming Alcholism. It took him three different tries to overcome the disease. What a feat. I also give him credit for taking care of my brother 24/7 and dedicating his own life so his son has a better way of life. This is a special father who makes my life easier and supports me through tough times and makes me laugh with his dry sense of humor.
You Rock Dad:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music Plug "Thats Not My Name"

Im promoting a new group I discovered one night when I was up at 2 am watching a talk show. I love there energy and different style of music and fashion. It brought me back to my teenage years when the music was simple and not filled with violence, sexual content, and swearing. Except for Naughty by Nature which I must admit I still like. There one song which I heard "thats not my name"
is #2 on there CD. The group is two people, a guy plays the instruments and is a back up signer and she is the main signer. They are called The Ting Tings. Check it out. I bought the CD and love most of it. Very Creative.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Take me out of the ball game!!!!

Take me out of the ball game!!
My first baseball game at the famous Fenway Park.
We sat eating our steak subs on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the bleachers at Fenway. The park which I thought was a lot smaller in person was still impressive with all the history it holds inside those dirty green walls.
With two hours before game time my husband twisted my arm to go to the top of Fenway where there is a bar that over looks the field. Well maybe I went willingly. I actually wanted to check out the scene. Our older gentlemen of a bartender had a dry sense of humor. Reciting the specials of two dollar hot dogs and winking at me for the special on "fruit salad". I replied with a "what do u mean "fruit salad", after all arnt we all a little fruity at times. He liked me.LOL
This was an exciting day and all I could think about was my little girls. How I couldnt wait to take them to a Red Sox game. I had wished my parents had done more things like this when we were little. In proceeding to get to our seats before the game was about to begin, the ever so graceful Bethany slips on a wet cement step. In sandals with no traction I attempt to catch myself and hope no one is looking and that i can make a quick recovery. No such luck. I almost wiped out my poor hubby too. Eight steps later and two broken toes I hobble back to my seat. As I look down to asses the damage I notice my toe polish is gone off the toes and Im bleeding. Trying to hold back the tears the pain is shooting up my leg into my lower back. It could be worse I could have broke an ankle. Now Im made and Im not going to let this ruin my first trip to Fenway. After all think of Curt shilling and all the blood he splattered on that field. Now my blood was there too and even better I have a great story to tell my kids.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where has time gone, how does it pass by so fast.
A soft breeze passes by my skin,
a reminder that another season is about to begin.
Watching the trees sway from up above,
relaxing as another day has just begun.
Sounds of chicken chatter off in the distance,
awakes me from a distant childhood remembrance.
A peaceful place is where Im at, grateful, and so blessed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minx by demand

Minx my latest product comes from a company that is into saving the environment. "Go Green" Minx is concerned with the toxins other brands put into there artificial nails. I too have often wondered about these so called "safe" artificial nails and there effects not only to the environment but to our bodies. I have worked with someone in the past who suffered from a couple of miscarriages and wondering if the circumstances of her doing several sets of artificial nails each day was a result of the chemicals we handled.
At my first attempt at using Minx I was excited and enthused about it. I ripped into the package like it was Christmas. The girls stood by with the look of aww and couldn't wait to see my new purchase. For the $400 dollar new miracle nail product, it better be worth the anticipation. Heads will roll.... I unpack the new light "Nail Cooker" and notice the lamp says not to use with any wattage over 100. This throws me for a loop when I see the bulb they sent is 175. Do I use it. Calling the company they assure me its safe. Im not feeling it. So a trip to the Ace Hardware in Kittery I go. (My new hang out because I like to support my local stores, and the hospitality there isn't to bad either,girls;) Ive decided to purchase a 125 heat lamp instead. Today was my first practice session on my great friend and ginney pig Bette our estitician. Bette is also a medical assistant at the Lahey clinic in Mass for colonoscopies. Which she works there on Wednesdays. I figure if they can withstand her shitty job they can withstand anything! Updates to come.......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Dads dont dress little girls

In a hectic morning its always nice to get an extra hand or two. This morning Gabe asked what he could do to help me get the girls off to day care. As I walked upstairs to brush my teeth I replied "there clothes are on the sofa if you would can you dress them after they eat there breakfast." For those of you that don't know you always send an extra set of clothes with the infant to day care or anywhere, you never know when you are going to need it. I can hear a little commotion going on and then I hear Gabe exclaim "Brisla's shorts are a little tight." As I proceed downstairs to check this out, I'm thinking I didn't layout shorts for Brisla. Turns out Adalyns extra pair of Jeans ended up on Brisla. I was in tears with laughter looking at this poor girl in skin tight wanna be shorts and a wedgie. Her sista Adalyn just starring at her as if saying "I thought we had a few more years before we had to share clothes."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old School

Mr. Markley graduated and now has his economics degree. Yippe! He didn't even have to get naked and run down the street. LOL I myself had a hard time getting into school and studying. I commend anyone with the determination and drive to obtain this goal in life. This is such a wonderful accomplishment. I however, do not believe this concept (college) is for everyone. I believe there are people that are book smart and then there are those that are life smart. I'm the later. I think life is a struggle with many difficult roads we must choose. Depending on which road is where our paths lead us and our destinies are created. I believe we are all products of our environments and are blessed with our own abilities to strive to be who we are. I choose to try Beauty school and wanted to get out and start running in life and make money. I am a hard worker, so at a early age I decided to concur my eagerness and get going in the adult world of debt. I wanted a house. A nice car and most of all independence. What did this teach me. I built a successful business (when the economy was good)on my own, bought my first town house at 23, and jumped from a Mercedes to Lexus to BMW in a few years. Got married, bought Harley's and lived the good life. I traveled all over the world. I got to appreciate all different types of cultures that I encountered. I believe, that it is most important to see the world and embrace and learn other cultures. This is the greatest form of learning to expand your boundaries and see life. I'm thankful.
I guess I'm a hands on kinda girl. Married to a college grad I'm so amazed at his perseverance and determination to accomplish such a feat. Both our lives have changed. Mine due to the economic down slide of our economy. Which has put me on a budget.(OMG) Gabe's in having a great job and making the most out of his career. Our tables have turned but it has embraced both of us and set us on the strongest ride life has to give. We are both holding on to each other and loving every minute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Rock On

Today was the most beautiful mothers day. My husband made Mimi(his mom) Grammy B (my mom) and the girls french toast with strawberries! Can anyone say yummy in the tummy. Well not the crib midget, yet, but she really did enjoy it. To top this all off I received the "mother load"of all presents. Yes, I received a pink tool set. I'm already dreaming of the things I can build and fix. Oh the possibilities.
After the fabulous breakfast (maybe I'll get another one soon if i keep up the compliments and he reads this) the girls headed out to collect our free flowers at Salmon falls Greenery. This place is breath taking and you can hear the falls from the grounds of the nursery. Mimi bought me two fabulous plants to plant in my gardens. Much appreciated as I need more color in them. Gabe stayed home to finish the on going chicken coop complex. We are almost done and I must say I would live in the ranch. Pics will be posted soon with a complete step by step display of everything we've put into the friggin "Chicken Chatter Farm."
God Love Gabe for knowing me and putting the time in to make it predator proof. Hopefully Tink proof too. That's our ever growing Italian Bulmastif puppy that thinks hes a lap dog and is predicted to weigh around a 100 pounds of muscle.
Pics of her will be posted as well. I'm awaiting the cord to my camera that got misplaced (lost) during our move.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The smell of skunk is lingering in the air, and I can only think of my own recent dealings with the law. Yes, it stinks. Im not making lite of my recent run in. No pun intended since it was an awful run in and run out of a grocery store to pick up a few things. Ms. OCD (me) gets caught with a screaming teething baby and forgetting to ring the items on the bottom of my carriage. Embarrassing is the least thing I can say about this horrible incident. In light it has made me appreciate my husband more as he has been very supportive of his law breaking wife.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyone Does it!

Here I am people, off for the first time and on a misson. Well of course I have a mission. My husband has been after me for sometime to write a book about the unique adventures my life has endured. The paths are so unbilevible they have to be written down, so why not start here. And of course Im planning on throwing in a good nail remedy or new product info here and there. Like my latest purchase of "Minx" nails. I should be recieving it any day now. They are a go green company that supllies us with a new technology in nail wear. The product is suppose to last 2 weeks and not hurt the nail bed with any toxiens. I will keep u updated on my findings. Anxiously awaiting arrival. Imagine having a manicure last two weeks. Yikes, my gardeners would love me. I would love me. So clients get ready and come try it out.