Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Rock On

Today was the most beautiful mothers day. My husband made Mimi(his mom) Grammy B (my mom) and the girls french toast with strawberries! Can anyone say yummy in the tummy. Well not the crib midget, yet, but she really did enjoy it. To top this all off I received the "mother load"of all presents. Yes, I received a pink tool set. I'm already dreaming of the things I can build and fix. Oh the possibilities.
After the fabulous breakfast (maybe I'll get another one soon if i keep up the compliments and he reads this) the girls headed out to collect our free flowers at Salmon falls Greenery. This place is breath taking and you can hear the falls from the grounds of the nursery. Mimi bought me two fabulous plants to plant in my gardens. Much appreciated as I need more color in them. Gabe stayed home to finish the on going chicken coop complex. We are almost done and I must say I would live in the ranch. Pics will be posted soon with a complete step by step display of everything we've put into the friggin "Chicken Chatter Farm."
God Love Gabe for knowing me and putting the time in to make it predator proof. Hopefully Tink proof too. That's our ever growing Italian Bulmastif puppy that thinks hes a lap dog and is predicted to weigh around a 100 pounds of muscle.
Pics of her will be posted as well. I'm awaiting the cord to my camera that got misplaced (lost) during our move.


  1. Yes, it was a fabulous Mother's Day breakfast and spending plant time with all of the 'girls'. Chicken Chatter Farm is looking great with all the beauty of the green woods coming to life and the gardens showing their glory. Best of all it is starting to show the long lost "LOVE" of family living there. I'm glad it's now your "HOME SWEET HOME"
    God bless all of you at Chicken Chatter Farm, and that chicken coop is awesome!! We will be expecting some exclusive eggs from these girl chicks!!

  2. We want MORE bring it on!!!!