Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minx by demand

Minx my latest product comes from a company that is into saving the environment. "Go Green" Minx is concerned with the toxins other brands put into there artificial nails. I too have often wondered about these so called "safe" artificial nails and there effects not only to the environment but to our bodies. I have worked with someone in the past who suffered from a couple of miscarriages and wondering if the circumstances of her doing several sets of artificial nails each day was a result of the chemicals we handled.
At my first attempt at using Minx I was excited and enthused about it. I ripped into the package like it was Christmas. The girls stood by with the look of aww and couldn't wait to see my new purchase. For the $400 dollar new miracle nail product, it better be worth the anticipation. Heads will roll.... I unpack the new light "Nail Cooker" and notice the lamp says not to use with any wattage over 100. This throws me for a loop when I see the bulb they sent is 175. Do I use it. Calling the company they assure me its safe. Im not feeling it. So a trip to the Ace Hardware in Kittery I go. (My new hang out because I like to support my local stores, and the hospitality there isn't to bad either,girls;) Ive decided to purchase a 125 heat lamp instead. Today was my first practice session on my great friend and ginney pig Bette our estitician. Bette is also a medical assistant at the Lahey clinic in Mass for colonoscopies. Which she works there on Wednesdays. I figure if they can withstand her shitty job they can withstand anything! Updates to come.......

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