Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I Have Two Daddies"

People have asked me how we do it all living under the same roof. You see, our extended family consists of these two little girls (sisters) and two fathers. "And one special mom" as Brisla states. We are making it work in a world that draws criticism and judgement on things that are not the norm. Who is normal? I still haven't meet them in my 30 something years. I am thankful these two guys make it work for our girls. Teachers at day care have mentioned what a wonderful gift it is to share our environment together. Not only does it help our girls stability and self confidence, economically it helps us out all around for a better life for our family. I often hear we should have a sitcom. Example: Brisla is out with both her fathers at Home depot and says in a innocent voice to the salesman, "these are my two dads." Now u know what he was thinking. In the distant past it was common for extended family's to live together. In most cultures besides ours, Grandparents live with you until they hit the gates of heaven.(or hell) I would welcome any extended family to rest there head at Chicken Chatter Farm.(as long as they cleaned)
We do have some funny moments but for the most part its great having three adults around for two kids........I really dont know how Kate does it with 8.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick as A Dog

These two little girls are what makes life interesting to your everyday routine. Monday night Brisla was rushed to the hospital for a fever of over 103. Her diagnosis was a inner ear infection with a viral infection. I felt so bad for Brisla she was delirious and crying in pain. Today we spent the day watching cartoon network,( after i rescheduled my clients) trying to drink liquids and having grandparents stop by with little things to make mom's life easier. I love my parents. I often remember when i was young and sick the little things they would do to make me feel better. My mom came in hand with jello, watched Ms.B so I could run to the store to fill her prescription. Upon returing she had done all the dishes and was cleaning our kitchen. Then my father showed up with ginger ale in tote (of course) and took our garbage. This is why I appreciate my parents. They just do thoughtful things without me asking. It makes me sad to see them growing old before my eyes. Im happy to see the girls get to enjoy there grandparents and create the memories that mean so much. Brisla is on the mend and laying hugging (head lock position) her kitty midnight. Tomorow will bring another day to the Markley's house.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Way Life Should Be!

This is our beautiful house.
I had found this bicycle behind our shed when we moved in. I primed it with rust proofing spray then painted it with paint left over from our kitchen project. I added the baskets and filled them in with flowers. I also Painted the front door with the color that was left over from our porch. It use to be a natural wood finish with Lots and lots of shellac. I sanded it down, kilt-zed it twice and painted. I also was excited to add the lattice around the front porch because I had to use my husbands jigsaw. Yes, Power tools girls.....I got to use the power tools. Then painted it white to add some color to our "not so colorful" house. I wish we had taken pictures before due to the fact the front of the house was covered in shurbs so high you couldn't see the windows. It reminded me of little red riding hood when she went to the house in the woods.
So as you look at the photo on the right, then look at the photo on the left you must wonder, "what is that thing that is hanging out the window?" Only in Maine would you find a used car radiator hanging out a window. My hubby who is a great engineer thought he could make a make shift AC unit for our house to save us money. He and Rusty hooked up a hose to run cool water through the radiator from the spicket out front. While placing a fan underneath it to blow in the cool air from the radiator.What a smarty pants and who would have thought of this but an IT person. Only in Maine, the way life should be.