Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I Have Two Daddies"

People have asked me how we do it all living under the same roof. You see, our extended family consists of these two little girls (sisters) and two fathers. "And one special mom" as Brisla states. We are making it work in a world that draws criticism and judgement on things that are not the norm. Who is normal? I still haven't meet them in my 30 something years. I am thankful these two guys make it work for our girls. Teachers at day care have mentioned what a wonderful gift it is to share our environment together. Not only does it help our girls stability and self confidence, economically it helps us out all around for a better life for our family. I often hear we should have a sitcom. Example: Brisla is out with both her fathers at Home depot and says in a innocent voice to the salesman, "these are my two dads." Now u know what he was thinking. In the distant past it was common for extended family's to live together. In most cultures besides ours, Grandparents live with you until they hit the gates of heaven.(or hell) I would welcome any extended family to rest there head at Chicken Chatter Farm.(as long as they cleaned)
We do have some funny moments but for the most part its great having three adults around for two kids........I really dont know how Kate does it with 8.

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  1. I feed your fish. Were is the update on the little addition to the underfoot crowd?