Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick as A Dog

These two little girls are what makes life interesting to your everyday routine. Monday night Brisla was rushed to the hospital for a fever of over 103. Her diagnosis was a inner ear infection with a viral infection. I felt so bad for Brisla she was delirious and crying in pain. Today we spent the day watching cartoon network,( after i rescheduled my clients) trying to drink liquids and having grandparents stop by with little things to make mom's life easier. I love my parents. I often remember when i was young and sick the little things they would do to make me feel better. My mom came in hand with jello, watched Ms.B so I could run to the store to fill her prescription. Upon returing she had done all the dishes and was cleaning our kitchen. Then my father showed up with ginger ale in tote (of course) and took our garbage. This is why I appreciate my parents. They just do thoughtful things without me asking. It makes me sad to see them growing old before my eyes. Im happy to see the girls get to enjoy there grandparents and create the memories that mean so much. Brisla is on the mend and laying hugging (head lock position) her kitty midnight. Tomorow will bring another day to the Markley's house.

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  1. Hard to see little ones sick....glad she's on the mend :)