Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breast Augmentation

Today, I experienced the most uncomfortable boob squishing mechanism. During the process I thought to myself, "A man must have developed this torture contraption." Nancy was the nurse that assisted me, as the tech prepared the machine. Nancy asked about my life and if I enjoyed being a mom. I told her it was the toughest, most unselfish, giving job I have ever had. Not only was I the mom, chief, laundry person, grocery shopper, bed changer, late night kid soother, and pet person, I loved my family. It is rewarding and I loved my job. Kind of like a nurse, she exclaimed. They spend all there time making people better and in the end there payment is to see there patients healthy. Then they go home to take care of there family's. As I sat for ten minutes to wait for my results, I envisioned the time when i took my mother down to Brigham and Women's Hospital of Boston for her breast surgery. I thought Im too young to go threw that. It aged my mother by 20 years. I see her today and cant believe im looking at the same person that was so healthy 4 years ago. Nancy came out and said "Bethany, you are fine." My tests came back clear but since Breast cancer is in my family, amongst other cancer I must have this done more frequently then the average person. I felt old at 37.

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  1. Glad you are going and taking care of yourself :) I still worry every time I sit in the waiting room, waiting for results...glad you are OK!