Sunday, July 26, 2009


Chicken Chatter Farm was not the same when our beloved four legged friend and companion Butchie of many years passed away. We all have lost a piece of ourselves and miss our little buddy. In researching for another pug thinking we would get another next year, I came across a breeder who had pugs soon to be available. They were born on July 1st.
This means that they would be available at the end of August. My husband and I discussed it and after seeing me cry every night before bed we thought it was a great time to adopt this black Little pug.
We surprised Brisla and took her on adventure to see the pug. We didn't tell her what we where doing so as you can imagine when she saw the little girl her eyes got wide and she exclaimed with joy " a little scrappy". Then "can we take her home", I told her she needed to stay with her mom till she was big and strong and then she could come live with us.
We would love some input on names. We are tossing around, Ink(as in tattoo), dot, bailey, shaniquia, and princess. If you have any thougts please comment on a name. She is the smallest in the litter. Her mom was 14lbs and dad was 20lbs.
She will be coming home Aug 26th.

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  1. Tink,
    Needs a lot of love if we bring this little one home.

    -Daddy G