Sunday, June 7, 2009

Take me out of the ball game!!!!

Take me out of the ball game!!
My first baseball game at the famous Fenway Park.
We sat eating our steak subs on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the bleachers at Fenway. The park which I thought was a lot smaller in person was still impressive with all the history it holds inside those dirty green walls.
With two hours before game time my husband twisted my arm to go to the top of Fenway where there is a bar that over looks the field. Well maybe I went willingly. I actually wanted to check out the scene. Our older gentlemen of a bartender had a dry sense of humor. Reciting the specials of two dollar hot dogs and winking at me for the special on "fruit salad". I replied with a "what do u mean "fruit salad", after all arnt we all a little fruity at times. He liked me.LOL
This was an exciting day and all I could think about was my little girls. How I couldnt wait to take them to a Red Sox game. I had wished my parents had done more things like this when we were little. In proceeding to get to our seats before the game was about to begin, the ever so graceful Bethany slips on a wet cement step. In sandals with no traction I attempt to catch myself and hope no one is looking and that i can make a quick recovery. No such luck. I almost wiped out my poor hubby too. Eight steps later and two broken toes I hobble back to my seat. As I look down to asses the damage I notice my toe polish is gone off the toes and Im bleeding. Trying to hold back the tears the pain is shooting up my leg into my lower back. It could be worse I could have broke an ankle. Now Im made and Im not going to let this ruin my first trip to Fenway. After all think of Curt shilling and all the blood he splattered on that field. Now my blood was there too and even better I have a great story to tell my kids.

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  1. We're glad you had fun...despite the broken toes. You were definitely a good sport about it all. It was a really great game and we're glad you and Gabe could come with us! Next time we'll have to bring Brisla...well, maybe next year :) I can't believe how much food we ate :) Now we need tickets to a Patriots game in the fall!