Monday, January 4, 2010

This little Piggy

My husband and I experienced the most unique set of services I have ever received. I have traveled a lot in the past, every palace I have been to I have
tried to incorporate a massage or pedicure into my itinerary. Comparing services and trying to pull different techniques into my own business.

Upon arrival of this very small sanctuary, we received tea and a friendly welcome. It felt very earthy and very relaxing with the Zen music playing in the background. A young man lead us to our chairs down below the main level to a dark brick basement with a waterfall and comfy sofa chairs. I was intrigued because from looking at the place it wasn't anything special just a relaxing, soothing, inspired environment. I thought "Why Hadn't I seized this Idea in all of my Years in the Spa Industry!"

No Polish, No cuticle triming, No ex foliation of dry skin or calluses! Just a soak, rub and tea. Don't get me wrong, it was very peaceful and worth every penny. Yikes was it expensive. But all and all I have my brain now going a mile a minute in the road to a new endavour. Stay Tuned..........

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  1. I think you could open a Soakology Plus in Kittery/Portsmouth!