Friday, June 24, 2011

Duct Tape!

Nail technicians I find are crafty people and wear many hats in life.We are therapists, friends, co-workers, moms, wife's, and magicians! I find myself laughing when the other day I had a client walk through the door of the spa with duct tape around her nail to prevent it from splitting! I was not only laughing at her but also at myself. My chair had split at the beach and remembering the last time I was at the hardware store i saw pink duct tape. I thought I could just duct tape it and no one would know. I was impressed with her creativity. Then I started thinking about the time I used nail glue on one of my girls toys she had broken!Or the time I used Black nail polish on a shoe I had scuffed! I also had a squeaky door on my nail station which solar oil fixed that in a jiffy. I call the art of finding a solution to a problem with unconventional methods! Who Knew nail products had multiple purposes!

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